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acne and dry face brushing

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Jess’s Story: “Dear Jodie, I have always battled acne but never had more than the occasional break out.  After deciding to go off birth control at 25 my skin went crazy. I broke out in horrible, painful cystic acne that covered my whole face and I was embarrassed to leave the house. I started Dry Face Brushing every morning after I wake up, before my shower and  just after the first time I tried it I looked in the mirror and could already see a small difference. FACE2My face felt smoother and looked less red. I have been using the Jute brush for about 3 months now and it has transformed my skin. The scars that were once red and noticeable are now barely visible. My skin feels younger, smoother, and the best part is, is that I have not had one zit since I started dry brushing, I have never felt better, Thankyou!!!!  Jess, New York.  Video information about Jess’s story click here

dry face brushing after 3 months

Whether you are a beginner or have been body brushing for years, your bristle preference will vary. Every body brush in the range will give you excellent exfoliation and stimulation, you don’t have to press hard on your skin to get the results. Bodecare bristles are categorised as Extra Soft, Soft, Medium and Firm. So as you become more experienced in body brushing you can graduate to the next level bristle and continue getting the results you are after.  Check out our German Body Brushes, Toxic free brushes, Natural Plant Bristle: Tampico Long Handled Body Brush FSC Certified, Deluxe Cactus FSC timber German Body Brush,  Traditional FSC Nail Brush.

miranda-kerr410okMiranda Kerr tells GQ magazine (June 2010) that she keeps her bikini body ready with dry body brushing, “It promotes movement of the lymphatic system, improves circulation, and leaves your skin feeling softer and smoother”. Did you know that before Miranda became an international model she studied to be a nutritionist, which is why she understands the benefits of dry body brushing.  Miranda talks about her fitness and beauty routine and she is completely devoted to organic food, yoga, and body brushing, which she explains “stimulates lymph flow.” She also says to start her day she drinks hot water and lemon.

So if you haven’t tried body brushing before now may be the best time to start and enjoy the benefits of smoother, younger looking skin.

Learn More about dry brushing benefits Now, look at this Interview with Leading Naturopath and Jodie. Click Here

Here at Bodecare we only use the top of the range products and resources to produce our brushes.

That’s why our pure natural bristles, especially our plant bristles are firm enough to stimulate and exfoliate the skin but do not scratch the skin. Plant bristle has tiny hooks and imperfections which gather the dead skin while sweeping over the body and the ends of the bristle are slightly frayed, which is why it doesn’t scratch the skin. Synthetic bristles are completely smooth and with even cut ends. To achieve the equivalent firmness required for dry brushing with a synthetic bristle would be quite sharp and scratch the skin. Firm synthetic bristles are most commonly found with hair brushes. Synthetic brushes for the body are best if they have a very soft bristle meant for body washes in the shower and nylon is less likely to mold in the shower.

And this is just some of the information you need to know about body brushes to ensure you make the best buying descision.

That’s why… if you too, like many others, are intrigued by body brushing, make sure you insert your details at the top of this page and get instant access to our Official Guide To Choosing The Best Body Brushing Products For You.

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