Featured Stockist - Valise Boutique ~ Minnesota, USA

Rebecca Gaspert   >  5 March 2018

Valise Boutique & Apothecary as been a Bodecare stockist since June 2016, and I am very happy to feature them in this blog post.
The business is owned by Angel Chandler, and as you can see from her answers, she is a beautiful soul and I am proud to be one of the preferred brands in her gorgeous boutique and apothecary.

Tell us a little about how your business began:   

My wardrobe is made up of a few quality classic staples that work well together. I had a difficult time finding classic, timeless and ethically made clothing in the Twin Cities.  I wanted a store that carried high quality and classic staples for anyones wardrobe.  Our store is named Valise, as you should be able to pack everything you would need for a week away in one little Valise from the lines we carry in our store.


Why did you decide to stock Bodecare products in your business?  

Health and Wellness is huge part of my life and I wanted to share that with our customers. Our apothecary selections include the best of natural and organic skincare, make up and body care.  Since we only carry the best, I went on a search for a better dry brush than the one I had been using.  Once I found the Deluxe Dry Body Brush, I knew I had found the perfect Brush!  The natural stiff bristles, were much stiffer than the cheap synthetic bristles on the brush I had been using.  I saw immediate results in my skin including improvement in elasticity, firmness and cellulite.  I next moved onto to the facial dry brush and it is nothing short of AMAZING!  I only wish that I had done before and after pictures.  I had very severe acne scars from cystic acne.  While my skin is far from perfect, the brush has made a dramatic difference in smoothing out my scars!


What are your most popular Bodecare products?

Deluxe Dry Body Brush
Jute Dry Face Brush
Tampico Dry Body Brush


What is unique about your business? 

We are here to help woman look and feel their absolute best, so they can go out into the world to spread love and positivity.


What is the best part about owning your own business? 

I just love helping woman be the best they can be.  Sometimes skincare, makeup and fashion can be intimidating.  We love offering a judgement free atmosphere to allow woman to be who they always wanted to be!


Where can people find you?

Online www.valiseboutique.com Phone: 612-749-5029
Our store is located at 244 South Albert Street in Saint Paul, MN
Our location is unique in that we are not in high traffic location.  We are on a cute, quiet and charming side street in the charming city of Saint Paul.  This peaceful and quiet location gives us the opportunity to give ladies the time and attention that they deserve.
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Instagram: @valiseboutique
Facebook: @valiseboutiqueandapothecary
Happy Brushing!
~ Rebecca xx