Dry, Dull, Crepey Skin

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Dry Skin Pack

Dry Skin Pack

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Dry Skin Care Pack Dry Skin Care Pack

Dry Skin Care Pack

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The skin is the largest organ of the body and is estimated to excrete one-third of the body’s daily impurities.

However excessive dryness causes skin to experience a breakdown of the skin barrier functions due to excess dead skin cells and inflammation. Resulting in dry, flaky skin that has lost its lustre and youthful glow.

By stimulating your skin from the outside, you are aiding in the cleansing of your body, increasing blood circulation, assisting in releasing fatty deposits of cellulite under the skin’s surface, buffing off that top layer of dry flaky skin, reducing the ageing process and rejuvenating your skin cells.

The best category of bristle for dry skin is medium or firm bristles.  If you have sensitve skin, you can start with a soft bristle brush, but a medium brush will give you better over all exfoliation and stimulation.  If you are experienced with dry skin brushing, then a firm bristle brush is what you should choose.  Use the filters in our product section to to narrow down your selection to your most suitable brush.