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Don’t Give Up If You Have Stretch Marks

If you have stretch marks don’t give up, there is an easy solution to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and it is natural as well.  Stretch marks are a common problem that can affect everyone: people of any race, any age and any gender. Stretch marks can occur during sudden changes in body size, such as during pregnancy, puberty, or rapid weight-gain. Ninety percent of pregnant women will get stretch marks around their abdomen, hips and thighs.

Stretch marks can look slightly purple or reddish color lines that become a type of scar.  Many people, especially women, struggle with trying to fade stretch marks. Dry body brushing is a natural remedy you can do to reduce the appearance of both new and old stretch marks and eventually turn them white in appearance and become less noticeable.


Dry Body Brushing is a very powerful skin exfoliator. It digs deep into the pores to cleanse dirt, grime, dead cells and other toxins. It helps to keep the pores open for better absorption of your skin lotions and it assists with stimulation of sweat and oil glands, contributing to the restoration of moist, supple skin. Dry brushing also strengthens the skin pores by gentle stretching of connective tissues which regenerate production of collagen and elastin fibres. It makes the skin more pliable and improves collagen production to help tighten and firm the skin.

Tips and Tricks for Dry Brushing:

  • Always use a plant bristle body brush.  Plant bristle body brush (commonly called Tampico, Jute or Sisal bristle) provides the best exfoliation and stimulation for your skin.  They are the highest quality, long lasting and don’t scratch the skin.
  • Always brush on dry skin with dry brush bristles. Plant bristles are nice and firm when they are dry, which is why they exfoliate skin and stimulate circulation.  When plant bristles are wet they go soft and clump together and you won’t get the same results.
  • After each body brush, spray brush bristles with an Organic Tea Tree Hydrosol.    Regularly cleaning your brush will prolong the brush life, optimize brush performance and most importantly, reduce risk of bacterial infection on the skin.  A lot of dead skin is sloughed off when dry brushing, so it is essential to wash your brush once a week with hot soapy water and leave in the sun to dry or a well ventilated area.  Never leave a plant bristle body brush in a wet area, they will mildew.
  • Stroke brush in one upward movement.  Except when brushing fingers and toes, you can brush back and forth between them.  The stomach you can brush in circular strokes going clockwise and anti-clockwise to really get the circulation moving.
  • We recommend brushing upward and towards the major lymph nodes in the body, such as the groin, armpits and base of neck.
  • Work from left to right, which is the natural direction when massaging the body.
  • Follow dry body brushing with some form of hydrotherapy, this may be a bath, shower, steam room, body mud mask or massage. When you have loose skin after pregnancy or weight loss, keeping it hydrated is an absolute must. Always apply an organic body lotion to nourish and feed the skin, this will help keep it supple and hydrated. For extra healing power to the areas of concern apply organic body oil like Jojoba Oil or Rosehip Oil and massage into the skin.  Rosehip is high in Vitamin C which helps to heal scars and reduce the appearance of stretch marks.  Hydrating the skin is really important to improve the skin’s elasticity.  If your skin is undergoing a lot of stretching it is less likely to tear and create stretch marks if it’s hydrated.
  • Which body brush should I choose? In general, I recommend a firm brush for feet, legs, buttock and arms and then I use a softer bristle for torso (front and back).  If you only have one brush and it has firm bristles, then I suggest using lighter pressure on the more sensitive areas.

To get the best results combine your dry body brushing with a healthy regime.  Most importantly eat fresh fruits and vegetables to nourish your body and skin each day, learn about eating raw foods and do cardio exercise at least 3 times per week.

While all of these tips can help you, make sure you give yourself time to heal and for your body to adjust to your new shape.  Scar tissue can take a while to recover and with the help of this healthy routine your whole body will benefit from the results you achieve from dry body brushing.

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Happy Brushing!

Jodie Smith