Meet the Team

Rebecca Gaspert - Owner and Director of Bodecare

Hi, I am the Director of Bodecare, I have been in the beauty and health industry for 20 years.  I have loved to dry body brush myself for over 14 years. I always suffered from poor circulation from being a beauty therapist and standing on my feet all day.  I have seen amazing improvements in my clients dry skin, psoriasis and cellulite (to name a few) from my recommendations of dry brushing. Not to mention the amazing internal health benefits that come from dry skin brushing, and using the correct beauty products for your skin type.  

My clients that have always suffered from dry skin, used to purchase tubs of body exfoliant regularly to keep their skin soft.  They have found that they spent a lot of money every couple of months just on body exfoliants.  Once I encouraged them to start body brushing it kept their skin soft, smooth and hydrated and the financial PLUS was that they only had to buy one brush which lasted them over 4 years.

When the opportunity came to take the ownership reigns of this amazing company, I jumped at the chance.  I have loved the quality and diveristy of the Bodecare range for over 6 years.  Bodecare have finally developed a range of brushes that are traditionally crafted, non toxic timber, all natural plant bristle brushes in varying firmness to cater for specific areas of the body and different preferences of bristle texture.  There just isn't a better brand of dry skin body brushes on the market today.  I am so thrilled to be part of this companys journey, and the dry brushing journey of all Bodecare customers.  

I am excited to be introducing new products to the great range in my time with Bodecare and keep the wonderful reputation that Bodecare has built with its valued and loyal customers.

I  love all things to do with health and wellness.  Creating a balanced life with my family and friends and practicing a healthy lifestyle is of upmost importance to me and inspires me to continue to design many new types of plant bristle body brushes, aromatherapy detox products and spa accessories. The Bodecare symbol is the Agave plant, which is the raw material that the bristles originate from. The Agave design appears in all bodecare packaging.

I am just an email away if you have any body brushing questions, I am very happy to help on your journey.

"I hope you enjoy our beautiful products and make health & wellness a part of your daily life."

Happy Brushing

Rebecca Gaspert
Owner - Bodecare