Our Charities

We are very proud to be supporting the following organisations:


Bravehearts is a very important organization leading the fight for the protection of children against sexual abuse. It’s members aim to ‘Break the Silence’, provide healing and support, prevention and protection strategies; advocate for understanding and promote increased education and research. As a woman who desires children of my own, I think it is such an important organization, which strives to educate the community and bring everyone together to keep our children safe.
For further information please visit www.bravehearts.org.au

The Wilderness Society

The Widerness Society aims to protect Australia’s spectacular wilderness, save our disappearing wildlife and reduce dangerous climate change. Their focus is more specifically on our forests and bushland from logging, the destruction of our great water ways and protection of all our beautiful animals.  Securing our future wilderness so that our kids can enjoy it as much as we have.
For further information log onto www.wilderness.org.au

Bodecare also supports Breast Cancer Fund Raising, Lord Major’s Charity Fund and Local School Community projects.

For further information, log onto www.opportunity.org.au