Product Reviews Terms & Conditions

A dollar value credit is offered to customers who receive a product review email on very specific products, and sent at very specific times.

1. ELIGIBILITY: To be eligible for the account credit, you; (1.) must have received the email requesting you to leave a review for a particular product;  (2.) You must have purchased that particular product from the online store;  (3.) The review must be left using the same information (name and email address) that your account is registered under; (4.) The review left must be for the named product in the email,and; (5.) Product review must be placed within 6 months of original product order.   Failure to comply with these conditions, you will not be eligible for the nominated credit to be applied to your account.

2. TIME FRAME: Your account credit will be applied within a 30 day period, from the time the review is left.  All efforts on Bodecare part will be taken to apply the credit as soon as possible.  You may email a query on a valid outstanding credit to 

3. OTHER CONDITIONS:  Only 1 review per product will be allowed per person.  Only 1 review per month will be given credit to the account.  Products that have been purchased as part of a package will not be eligible separately for review.  As an example, if you purchase the "Ultimate Starter Pack", you are only eligible to leave a review for the "Ultimate Starter Pack", you will not be given credit for leaving a review on any of the products individually contained in said pack. 

BODECARE reserves the right in its sole discretion, to the fullest extent permitted by law, to modify, suspend, or cancel this offer and/or, if necessary, to provide an alternative offer at any time.