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Rose Hip oil is one of those under-appreciated skin care products that can so often be overlooked for the more high-tech, peptide ingredient, expensive night creams or face masks.  If you haven't tried Rose Hip oil in your skin care regime, it's time to give this humble oil a chance.

Valise Boutique & Apothecary as been a Bodecare stockist since June 2016, and I am very happy to feature them in this blog post. The business is owned by Angel Chandler, and as you can see from her answers, she is a beautiful soul and I am proud to be one of the preferred brands in her gorgeous boutique and apothecary.

Well, how do models make it look so smooth? Do they do laser surgery or something? No need for any expensive cosmetic procedures, here are some simple steps to having smooth, fit looking arms and avoid those unsightly bumps & dry, dull skin for under $50.

There are many products and procedures available to treat cellulite.   Some work, some don't, and disappointment when they don't can be hard felt.

I feel its important to understand cellulite as a consumer before you start investing money and trust in all of these products and treatments.