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Your Skin Is The Sexiest Thing You Have In Your Wardrobe

Have you ever been to a party and someone arrives looking absolutely radiant and you can’t even remember what they wore?  But you can remember how their skin was smooth, healthy and glowing!  The fact is, that your skin is the sexiest thing you can wear.  It wouldn’t matter if you had a simple black singlet dress from KMart, it is your skin and hair that will finish off any outfit.

Boost your Circulation to Maintain a Healthy Glow

It is surprising how many of us suffer from poor circulation and are not actually aware of it. We take medications or try drastic cure treatments for the symptoms of poor circulation without...

How Do Models Keep Their Arms Smooth?

Well, how do models make it look so smooth? Do they do laser surgery or something? No need for any expensive cosmetic procedures, here are some simple steps to having smooth, fit looking arms and avoid those unsightly bumps & dry, dull skin for under $50.

Body Brushing for Cellulite

There are many products and procedures available to treat cellulite.   Some work, some don't, and disappointment when they don't can be hard felt.

I feel its important to understand cellulite as a consumer before you start investing money and trust in all of these products and treatments.

How to Dry Body Brush

Most people are a little intimated when first thinking of dry skin brushing...Learn here the general rules and precautions that you'll want to follow.

5 Ways to Transform Your Skin Now!

Trying to figure out the best way to take care of your skin is confusing: Do you need a firm body brush, what type of moisturiser, sun protection or lymphatic massage? 

How Do I Buy The Perfect Brush For Someone?

So, you started dry body brushing and you absolutely love it! and now you would like your friend or family member to experience the same smooth skin and wellness that you have achieved.