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I have seen quite a few videos and blogs on the internet lately about dry face brushing.  Which is so exciting because I am such an advocate for it. 

What concerns me is the amount of people recommending using their body brush on their face.  So, I really want to clear this up... because as a qualified Beauty Therapist ("Aesthetician", for my American friends) I know how much damage can be done to the skin if it is treated incorrectly.

The main differences between body skin and facial skin (including decolletage) is skin thickness, number of oil glands, and sensitivity.  While our skin varies in thickness all over our body, the facial skin is the thinnest and therefore needs more TLC than anywhere else.  While I always recommend for normal skin types to use a firm bristle brush for their body, everyone needs to use a soft bristle on their face.  Due to the skin on the face being thinner, it requires more nourishment and moisture, so using a good hydration cream, especially as we age is also important.

The facial skin can react quite quickly to stimulation.   When brushing your face compared to your body, you will notice your skin redden much faster.  If a brush is used that is too harsh for the facial skin, it can cause the development of broken capillaries under the surface, and/or stimulate an inflammatory response in the skin.  When the skin swells from inflammation, even just slightly, it causes a chain reaction that increases the rate the skin ages due to enzymes that breakdown the collagen and elastin in the skin.  The breakdown of collagen and elastin allows the white blood cells a free passage to the area of inflammation and calm it down.  Great for the reducing inflammation, but bad for skin ageing.

The benefits of being good to your facial skin are definitely worth it.  Using a soft bristle brush like our Jute Dry Face Brush, will help to remove the dead skin cells from the surface, revealing younger, healthier skin.  This will improve the look of the skin, with a natural glow.  Also, can help your makeup look flawless on freshly exfoliated skin.  Another benefit of soft dry brushing on the face is the stimulation of blood and lymphatic vessels.  The movement of lymph will help to remove any toxins and waste from in the skin, which can help improve the look of sallow skin and puffiness, revealing a brighter more even tone complexion.  It can also improve those skins that are prone to blackheads and infection from breakout by unblocking pores and moving the wastes and bacteria through the lymph.  The gentle stimulation of blood flow to the skin will increase the nourishment to the skin cells which helps the production of collagen and elastin in the skin.  Resulting in firmer, softer skin with less noticeable fine lines or wrinkles.

A good face brushing routine will definitely get your face skin noticed by friends and family for all the right reasons.   Please please please, use the right brush, for the right kind of results.

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Happy Brushing!

Rebecca xx

Author: Rebecca Gaspert | 15 Jan '18