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Jojoba oil (pronounced Ho-Ho-ba) is a multi-function oil that your beauty bag just can't do without... Possibly your first aid kit, and tool box as well!

Let's start with the basics of what this amazing oil is and where it came from! 

Our oil is sourced directly from a farm in Australia, it has absolutely no additives or additional ingredients, just pure cold-pressed jojoba seed oil.

The jojoba plant (Simmondsia chinensis) is native to south-west USA and western coasts of Mexico and survives in an almost desert like environment.  An excellent plant for our draught ridden Queensland farms.   The peculiar pronunciation of Jojoba (Ho-ho-ba) is due to its Mexican heritage, as a Spanish speaking nation.

Jojoba is a plant wax, and closely resembles the wax esters that are found on the skins of animals and the leaves of plants.  These waxes are a protectant for the delicate layers underneath, while still allowing the plant or skin to breathe.  This is why Jojoba is such a great oil for human skin, it is easily absorbed and allows the skin to still function naturally with no irritations or reactions.

Natural cold-pressed (that's the premium grade) Jojoba oil contains many essential benefits and ingredients for your skin.  It has Vitamin E which is highly nourishing along with other antioxidants, it is anti-inflammatory, and anti-fungal.

While I recommend Jojoba oil mostly as a body and face moisturiser for use after dry skin brushing, there are so many other uses for Jojoba oil, and some of these might surprise you!

* Body Lotion

I know, I said this one already, but I wanted it to be listed in bold!  Jojoba is amazing for itchy skin, and nourishing your body.  Due to its anti-oxidants it is a great anti-aging oil, and who doesn't need that on their decolletage, neck, knees, elbows and bingo wings... (they are the places that age first right?)

* Face Moisturiser

The great thing about Jojoba oil is its versatility with different skin types, someone with super dry skin will love this oil as their moisturiser because it is so nourishing, yet light, so doesn't leave your skin feeling greasy or shiny.  For oily skin types it actually helps to regulate natural oil flow, by helping to dissolve any sebum build up in the pores, just use as a moisturiser, wait a few minutes (let it work its magic) and blot off the excess.  Due to its anti-bacterial properties, acne prone skin will see a major improvement in break-outs as well.

* Hair Oil

There are so many benefits to this one, that I am going to break it up a little.

          - Hair-loss oil - due to its ability to dissolve sebum, it helps to unclog the hair follicles and help to coat the natural hair to prevent hair breakage, scalp irritations (which can result in damaged hair follicles), split ends etc.  Endorsed by the folks at Hair Loss Revolution - have a read of their article.  When using on your hair, I would avoid wrapping in plastic as they suggest, instead opt for a environmenally friendly option of our Bodecare Hair Wrap instead.

          - Dry, Frizzy Hair - Can be used as a hair de-tangler on damp hair after a shower which will nourish the hair and form that natural protective coating without using any nasty chemicals found in most over the counter hair care products that also form a coating on the hair but dries it out, and causes fizziness.  You can apply Jojoba oil on dry hair as well, to help tame fly-aways, just make sure to use a very little.

          - Dandruff  - Can be used in the shower mixed with your regular shampoo to help nourish the scalp and prevent scalp drying from chemicals.  The anti-inflammatory properties help to calm the skin and prevent itchiness as well.

         - Cradle Cap - as the oil is natural and hypoallergenic it is safe for babies to use.  (Or mothers to use on their babies)  Any skin irritations will be reduced greatly due to the anti-inflammatory nature of the Jojoba oil.  So, it will be great for other baby skin irritations also.

* After Shave Lotion

A great one for guys to use after shaving as it has no perfumes to irritate the skin (the sting of alcohol after-shaves is actually a bad thing!), and its neutral smell.  Shaving alone can be irritating enough, so the oil also calms and nourishes the skin.

* Shaving oil

And one for the ladies shaving.... and guys too if you like.  Instead of using a shaving gel or cream, you can apply a thin layer of jojoba oil on your legs before you shave.  This will help to form a cushion between your skin and the razor all while giving you slip to smoothly remove hair.  It wont leave your skin irritated like a dry shave, and you wont need to keep using more and more of the shave cream that washes away in the shower while you are shaving.  (annoying isn't it?)

* Lip Balm

Excellent for dry cracked lips, it will help to nourish, but also form a barrier to the environment, so no nasties enter the skin in the irritated, cracked areas.  It is important to protect your lips if you are visiting the snow or doing water sports.  Nothing worse than wind chapped lips.

* Pre-cleanse Make up remover

Use jojoba oil over your mascara, eye makeup and lipstick to help remove it fully.  It will work the same as with your sebum, the wax will attach to the makeup and help lift it off so you can cleanse your skin properly.

* Add to a Baby Bath

A great addition to bath time, rather than using a baby oil that contains mineral oil and perfume.  Mineral oil is made from petroleum, so jojoba is an excellent natural alternative with no perfume that could irritate the skin.  Also, depending on the manufacture process of mineral oil, it can be comedogenic.

* Eczema and Psoriasis

Jojoba is a great oil for people who suffer from dry skin conditions due to its hypoallergenic properties and anti-inflammatory nature.  It will help to relive the itchiness of the skin and calm and soothe the redness and inflammation.  Psoriasis of the scalp can benefit greatly from the continued use of jojoba oil.

* Foot irritations and cracked heels

Jojoba can help heal those cracked heels, just use a pumice stone to smooth out the skin, then coat with jojoba oil.  It's anti-fungal properties will also help prevent other foot issues like Tinea and warts.  Make sure you take your Jojoba oil when you go camping and have to share the showers!!

* Cuticle Oil

No need to buy that separate special oil for your cuticles, jojoba will do the job.  Nourishing for the nail bed as well.

* Sunburn

The oil has been used to help treat the skin during the healing process of sunburn.  Especially to prevent the peeling and flaking of the skin.   Vitamin E will help to repair the skin along with other anti-oxidants.

And now for a couple of uses for Jojoba oil that you probably haven’t thought of before...

* Protect the wood of your body brush

Jojoba oil has excellent waterproofing properties, and being a wax not an oil, is a great way to help prevent any water damage to your dry skin brushes when washing them.   After I wash my brushes I use a small amount of Jojoba oil, and coat the wood to help protect it the next time I wash.  It forms a nice smooth layer over the wood, prevents the wood from cracking or splintering.  It is important to just use it on the wood, not the bristles.  You can put some on a cotton bud and swipe over the wood.  (I just use my hands)

* Stop that squeaky hinge!

Yes, you can also use jojoba oil on your hinges and anything that you would normally use an industrial grade oil on.  Jojoba is an environmentally friendly oil.


Let me know if you have tried any of these Jojoba oil uses..... and definitely leave a comment if you have any other uses for Jojoba oil.  I would love to hear them!  (I would be happy update my list here to include yours too!)

Happy Brushing!

~ Rebecca xx

Author: Rebecca Gaspert | 19 Feb '18