Get Ready to Detox in the New Year and Start Your Year Positively

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Get Ready to Detox in the New Year and Start Your Year Positively

Now is the time to give your body a health boost with my detoxing top tips!

The New Year is a great  time to renew yourself.  December is a month-long period of over indulgence. Let January and February be your perfect time to detox your body and mind and start the year off positively.  Toxins can be a result of excessive alcohol, smoking, environmental pollutants, processed foods, stress, caffeine, and any other health demons.  Pick a realistic amount of time to detox and get going!  Here are my tips for detoxifying your system in the New Year:

* Choose a Bodecare Cellulite or Lymphatic Pack.  

There are Packs for people who want a Soft Plant Bristle brush, Medium Bristle brush or Firm Briste Brush.  Our Cellulite and Lymphatic packs contain either a Detox Massage Oil or a Detox Bath Soak.  Both of these products contain a signature blend of essential oil specifically chosen for detoxification.  They help to stimulate the lymphatic system and give energy to the body.  Great benefits while you are in a detox!  Huge Savings of up to $40.

Check out the packs here and other skin concerns!

*Get moving!  

Start your exercise program, it might be yoga, jogging or exercising in your back yard. Choose something simple that will increase your heart rate and get your muscles moving.

*Eat lots of raw vegetables and fruit.

This will nourish your body and provide your immune system with the best possible chance of healing and expelling waste from the body.

*Drink lots and lots of water! 

There are only a couple of ways for your body to expel toxins, and keeping them functioning while detoxing is very important.  These ways include: exhaling (good-bye CO2), sweating and urinating!   Sweating and Urinating require an excessive amount of water to accomplish, and drinking continually through out the day will give you the best results.    Your kidneys will thank you for a good flush, as it will help them function at their best.  You will be surprised how good your body will feel if you commit to a month of water as your only souce of fluid.  

Happy Brushing (and detoxing!)

~ Rebecca xx

Author: Rebecca Gaspert | 1 Jan '18