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So, you started dry body brushing and you absolutely love it! and now you would like your friend or family member to experience the same smooth skin and wellness that you have achieved. How do you decide which is the best brush for them?



* Have they ever dry body brushed before?

* Do they use body exfoliants, are they use to exfoliating?

If you answered yes to all these questions then maybe it is ok to get a medium or firm bristle brush.

* Do they have sensitive skin?  

A skin condition like allergies, psoriasis or mature skin that is prone to splitting or bruising, you may want to start them with a soft plant bristle brush.  This will gently exfoliate their skin and strengthen the skin tissue.

* Do they enjoy receiving a massage?

* Do they like a firm massage?

If they do, then this is a sign they would be best with a firm brush. If they don’t like massage and are sensitive to touch, then you may want to consider starting them with a soft plant bristle brush.

Do they have excessively dry skin? 

Then they really need to exfoliate, go for at least a medium bristle brush.

* Do they have a lot of sebum build up on their back, like acne or black heads, a sore back, arthritis or highly stressed life-style? 

Then you would want to go for a brush that you can dry brush their back, like a long flexible dry back strap brush or a long handled body brush.  The dry brushing will help exfoliate the dead skin cells, open the pores and reduce red spots.

If it is for someone that travels a lot, make sure you get a hand held brush or short handled brush.  Make sure they use a cotton bag to store or carry their brush.  Storing in a plastic bag is not a good idea, after washing the brush, if it is placed back in a plastic bag, the brush will mildew.

These are just a couple of things to think about that might make the choice of choosing the right brush for your friend or loved one a little easier.

If it still feels a little difficult, you could always opt for a Bodecare e-Gift Voucher, and let them choose for themselves.

Happy Brushing!

~ Rebecca xx

Author: Rebecca Gaspert | 18 Dec '17