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Learn how to face brush using Bodecare's signature face brushing routine.

Dry face brushing is one of my favourite things to do in my skincare routine.  It feels so invigorating, and energising.... and afterwards, my skin feels amazingly smooth and soft.  I just love it.  It is super important to make sure you have the right brush, the right routine, and that you are nourishing your skin directly afterwards.  This can prevent dryness and peeling in the skin that some people can experience when they first start a deep exfoliation routine.  I love using my Bodecare Rose Hip oil after every time I brush.  You can read about it here.


Brushing Routine for Decolletage, Neck and Face:

When brushing decolletage, neck and face it is recommended to use a soft plant bristle brush, due to the sensitivity of most skin around this region.  Bodecare has developed a specifically designed plant bristle brush for this area called the Jute Dry Face Brush.  Do not use a normal body brush for this area it is too abrasive for the skin

At the base of the neck, there is a major lymph node in which brushing will assist to drain environmental toxins from the body.  Ensure to brush seven times per area.


* Starting on left side hold brush just above the breast line and brush upward to the collarbone.
Repeat this on the right side.

Directions for where to brush someones face


The skin on the neck starts to lose elasticity with age, so it is important to stimulate collagen and elastin production in the neck region.
* Hold the brush on the left side, at the base of the neck, behind the ear (1) and very lightly brush up to the ear, run along under the jawline and curve down to the front of the neck to the collarbone (2).
* Finish off with small upward brush strokes under the jawline from left ear to right ear (3).
Repeat brushing on right side of the neck.


Dry face brushing is a thorough and intensive exfoliation.  Therefore, it is recommended to dry brush only about 1-2 times a week, followed by a hydration mask or facial oil to keep the hydration balance in the skin.  Your skin will be looking radiant as you continue this beauty ritual.  However, over-exfoliating the skin on your face without replacing it with good moisturisers and hydration masks can leave the skin very dry with possible flaking and can cause breakouts.

Brushing the lips is another important area that starts to age and develops fine vertical lines.  Exfoliating the top lip will help rejuvenate the skin.  Brushing the side of the nose will assist with draining sinus or congestion around the eye area.  Do not drag the brush around the eye area, this must be a very light application, to protect the delicate skin around the eyes.  Dry brushing around the eyes will help promote circulation and collagen production in the skin.  Never brush your eyelids.

Brush entire left side of the face before moving to the right side.  Seven brush strokes per area.  The brush stroke is a small upside-down U brush stroke.  Pressure on the upward stroke and lightly on the way down, it almost looks like circular motion.

* Place brush at the chin, brush left side of chin using the U-brush strokes.
* Brush above the lip.
* Brush in one upward stroke up the bridge of the nose.
* Place brush on the left side of the nose, next to the nostril, brush up to the eye-brow bone, around the eye and back to the nose.
* Move brush strokes above the left eye on the forehead and then to the left temples to relieve stress and head pain.
* Continue brushing down the side of face and cheeks.
* Finish off with small brush strokes up under the jawline from left ear to right ear.
Repeat brushing on right side of the face.

As we have mentioned, start with face brushing 1-2 times a week, and build from there, depending on how your skin is feeling.  I would love to hear your success and help you on your journey, so make sure to get in touch if you have any further questions.

If you don't yet have your Jute Dry Face Brush, make sure to check out the package offer section so you have all the care products you need to keep your brush for over 2 years in the best condition.

~ Rebecca xx

Author: Rebecca Gaspert | 25 Dec '17