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So, you own a beauty salon or day spa and offer premier services provided by top quality beauty therapists using only the best products?  Your focus is on meeting or exceeding your client’s needs and primarily providing solutions to your client’s beauty concerns.

What do you have to do to differentiate your salon from your competitor down the road?

From my experience working on cruise ships and owning a prestigious beauty salon, a simple and effective suggestion is to offer the little extras that enhance your client’s experience while costing the client nothing, and very little for you as salon owner.  

Why not offer the client the use of Bodecare Relaxation Eye Pillow (Lavender) to rest over the client’s eyes while the client is experiencing massage or certain beauty services.  The pillow is ideal for relaxation and distracting the client from some services which may be uncomfortable.


The rice content in the pillow is just right to give the pillow weight and flexibility so the pillow can snuggly fit over the client’s eyes without slipping off, and provide a comforting and relaxing weight, with total light black out (if used correctly).

The Bodecare Relaxation Eye Pillow (Lavender) can be used cold from the fridge or warm from the microwave.  Try 20-30 second bursts until the desired temperature is achieved.

After each use simply lightly sprits the eye pillow with Bodecare Organic Tea Tree Hydrosol  or Calming Lavender Mist as both are a natural antiseptic and let air dry naturally. If after multiple uses and the eye pillow is soiled by makeup, simply remove the pillow slip and wash the cover separately. DO NOT wash or wet the eye pillow insert.


The Bodecare Relaxation Eye Pillow (Lavender) is filled with dried Lavender buds, and to re-fresh, simply massage the pillow for a few seconds to crush the dried buds against the grains of rice.  It will regenerate the pillow just like new.  You will be amazed how long the Bodecare Relaxation Eye Pillow (Lavender) lasts compared to cheaper versions that are simply infused with lavender oil.  You will not be disappointed by the Bodecare quality.


Have a few Bodecare Relaxation Eye Pillow (Lavender) at the ready and offer to clients to enhance their experience at your salon or spa!


Happy brushing!

Rebecca xx

NOTE: Do not use if allergic to lavender

How to Correctly use our Bodecare Relaxation Eye Pillow in a Salon Treatment

Author: Rebecca Gaspert | 1 Nov '19