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Have you ever been to a party and someone arrives looking absolutely radiant and you can’t even remember what they wore?  But you can remember how their skin was smooth, healthy and glowing!  The fact is, that your skin is the sexiest thing you can wear.  It wouldn’t matter if you had a simple black singlet dress from KMart, it is your skin and hair that will finish off any outfit.

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Now some lucky people are born with great skin but the rest of us have to work at it.  I am one of those people who has to work at it and I get results because I do something small each day.  With time your dedication will pay off and you’ll start seeing improvements to your skin and feel like it wasn’t so hard after all because you had only spent a couple of minutes a day.

Of course my secret weapon is dry body brushing and if you have purchased one of my brushes it is your secret weapon too.  Lightly exfoliating that surface dead skin each day helps your moisturiser absorb more effectively, it keeps your skin pores open to release waste, it firms and tones the skin.

Another great tip to achieve glowing skin before a special occasion is to apply a natural shimmer body oil.  It will give your skin a beautiful lustrous glow and hydrate at the same time.  You can get natural versions of shimmer oil from organic skin care companies, stay away from the highly synthetic brands.

So tips for getting your ‘sexy skin on’ before you go out is:

*dry body brush

*massage body exfoliant over body and wash off

*apply organic coconut oil and shave your legs

*towel dry

*apply moisturiser to face and shimmer body oil to rest of body.

*while you are doing your hair and make-up this will give the body oil time to absorb into your skin and then you are ready to get dressed.

This can’t be achieved to it’s full potential however if you are not eating lots of raw fruit and vegetables, exercising regularly, drinking green juices, doing deep breathing & stretching exercises and drinking water.  Wow! that is quite a list, but it is just a little bit each day and you will be amazed how you can start fitting in all these great health treatments to nurture and look after YOU!

One of my lovely clients in Brisbane told me this week, “Rebecca, as a Mother you find you never get a chance to do anything for yourself, but the one thing I do is dry body brushing. It’s helped my skin and reduced my stress so much that I can’t live without it.” 

Happy Brushing!
~ Rebecca xx

Author: Rebecca Gaspert | 20 Nov '19