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Which brush should I use for Dry body brushing?

Whether you are a beginner or have been body brushing for years, your bristle preference will vary. Every body brush in the range will give you excellent exfoliation and stimulation, you don’t have to press hard on your skin to get the results. Bodecare bristles are categorised as Extra Soft, Soft, Medium and Firm.  So as you become more experienced in body brushing you can graduate to the next level bristle and continue getting the results you are after.


Jute Dry Face brush: Meant for delicate skin on the face, neck, décolletage. Meant for dry face brushing for exfoliation, opening pores, stimulating circulation. Great for dry acne, dry skin, mature skin. Always follow dry brushing with hydration mask or jojoba oil treatment, so your skin has a beautiful drink of hydration. Recommended only 1-2 per week. Over brushing face, may cause dehydration and over stimulation which may lead to break out. 

Dry Body Brushing: Jute Long Handled body brush, best for someone just new to dry body brushing, mature skin, child, eczema, or very sensitive skin, it will still provide good stimulation. This is a great starting point until your skin gets used to dry brushing, gently exfoliates dry skin and helps build skin's resilience and pliability and then you can graduate to firmer brush bristles.


Dry Body Brushing: Suitable for someone who wants extra stimulation, flexible bristle, great exfoliation. First time dry body brushers could also start with this level brush, because you only need to use light strokes for dry brushing.


Dry Body Brushing: Suitable for experienced dry body brushers, firm, stiff bristles, providing optimum exfoliation, stimulation and massage for the skin.
Nails: Firm, stiff bristles great for removing dirt from under nails, especially if you are a gardener or mechanic.

It is simply a choice of which brush meets your needs and comfort levels.