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About Pumice

All Bodecare pumice stone is 100% volcanic pumice.  This means it originates from melted bubbling rock that was blasted out of a volcano. The bubbles were trapped as the lava cooled and hardened quickly.  Pumice is igneous rock, because it was formed from melted rock.

How to recognise pumice

Pumice is mostly light gray or tan in colour, with tiny bubble holes, which can be filled with tiny particles of clay or crystals.

Dry pumice often floats in water, however one type of pumice that does not float is called Scoria, which is heavier in weight and often darker in colour, like dark grey or red colour.

Bodecare Pumice Products

Bodecare is proud to support a Fair Trade manufacturer in the Philippines, who produce our Pumice Spa Brush and Pumice Foot Stone.  These brushes are 100% volcanic pumice, made from recycled timber and hand made, so every brush is different.  When you purchase these pumice products you are supporting women and children globally against child labour, sexual exploitation and AIDS education.

How to use Pumice

Moisten feet with water and your choice of bath wash until skin softens. Gently rub the pumice stone over the callus for one to two minutes. You'll soon notice the callus reduce in size.

Pumice is great to remove paint or dirt from hands and fingers, especially hard-to-remove dirt stuck on coarse skin on sides of fingers and palms of hands. Lather hands with soapy water and gently rub pumice over soiled areas on the hands & fingers and it will help clean and soften the skin.

Caution: Avoid open wounds, don't rub too hard.

Tip: Consistency is key when trying to remove calluses, keep up treatment daily.  Always finish with massaging foot/hands with moisturising lotion.

Which Bodecare Pumice should I choose?

All the pumice products are 100% volcanic pumice, no chemicals and very hard wearing.  Two of them are just the pumice block and the other has the pumice inset into a hand carved recycled wood handle.  They are all extremely good quality and very good an exfoliating calluses.  If you want to take it travelling I would tend to go with the Fair trade pumice stones, because the Turkish Pumice block will shed a little and if you have black clothes in your bag they will have a little pumice dust on them.

Pumice Spa Brush is preferred by spa's because the handle is easy to hold when doing pedicures on clients and it is easier for people to reach their feet if they have trouble stretching down.

Natural Therapists and eco-style people love the Turkish Pumice Block, can’t get more natural than that.

Cute gift ideas the stores love Pumice Foot Stone in the shape of a foot.