Finding The Right Brush

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Most of our brush bristles are made of natural materials and vary in bristle firmness to cater for individual preferences. In the Shop every brush has details on what the brush is made of, dimensions and the firmness of the brush bristles.

All Bodecare brush bristles are categorised under, Soft, Medium and Firm.


Face brushing:  Soft bristles suitable for gentle exfoliation and lymphatic drainage.

Dry Body Brushing:  Best for someone just new to dry body brushing or who have a very sensitive skin, will still provide good stimulation. This is a great starting point until your skin gets use to dry brushing and then you can graduate to firmer brush bristles.


Dry Body Brushing:  Suitable for someone wanting extra stimulation, flexible bristle, great exfoliation. First time dry body brushers could also start with this level brush, because you only need to use light strokes for dry brushing.

Nails/Feet:  Suitable for buffing residue off nails and lightly cleaning dirt under nail.


Dry Body Brushing:  Suitable for experienced dry body brushers, firm, stiff bristles, providing optimum exfoliation, stimulation and massage for the skin.

Nails/Feet:  Firm, stiff bristles great for removing dirt from under nails, especially if you are a gardener or mechanic.  Excellent stimulation of circultation around the nail bed which helps increase nail strength with regular use.

It is simply a choice of which brush meets your needs and comfort levels.