Loose Skin

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Loose Skin

Loose skin can happen after weight loss, especially around the stomach. This can be really frustrating for some, especially if you are doing everything right but without the results you really desire.

The skin is a living organ that can adapt to its environment, so don’t give up on it, you can still achieve great looking skin by working on your Skin Fitness.

Working on your Skin Fitness using dry body brushing, awakens the skin functions to excite the collagen & elastin fibres to make the skin more pliable, stimulate the sweat and oil glands to hydrate the skin and buff off the dry, dead skin cells to help with cell renewal and refreshing the skin.

For great skin fitness it is important to feed the skin with healthy food, weekly exercise, drinking plenty of water, reducing caffeine, alcohol and excessive time in the sun. Another great tip for loose skin is to buff the skin with the Bodecare Dry exfoliating powder, mix it with Jojoba oil into a paste and massage onto skin, wash off and then apply Pink Clay to the body, wash off once it has dried.
This will tighten the skin and make it look really good, can be a bit messy so stay in the shower area. Regular care of the skin on your body will help the skin bounce back but be patient it will take time for it to naturally repair itself.

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