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Red Rash

A red rash is an area of the skin that has become swollen or irritated. Skin rashes can include red bumps, sores, scaly, itchy skin, open wounds, red skin patches. There are many reasons why a rash suddenly appears on skin, for example: if your dry body brush has tiny mould spores on the bristles and you have been using this on your skin, it may cause tiny red bumps. It is best to throw out that brush, wait for the skin to settle and get a new, clean brush. If this is you, then I suggest its time for a new brush, and please make sure you are using the correct methods and products to keep your brush clean and free of bacteria.

Keratosis Pillaris

Keratosis Pillaris is a build up of the outer layer of skin the ‘Keratin layer’, when you have too much Keratin it forms a plug which stops the new hair follicle from being able to pop through the skin. This is a very common skin concern and dry brushing really helps to buff off that top layer of dry skin to assist to break down the keratin and open up those plugs so the hair follicles can freely grow and prevent the skin follicle from getting infected.

Dry Skin Bumps

Dry skin bumps could simply develop from having dry, dehydrated skin and the dead skin has built up around the hair follicle. It is an easy fix just starting the Yin Yang dry brushing system. Dry brushing in the morning followed by the Bodecare Yin Hydration Lotion to soothe and nourish the skin cells.  If left untreated with time other skin concerns may develop like, ingrown hairs, folliculitis and red unsightly bumps.

However, if you notice a small patch of dry skin that feels rough like sandpaper, that you have exfoliated but comes back again as a rough, dry patch or bleeds after the shower, you should consider going to the dermatologist to check your skin right away.

Ingrown Hairs & Folliculitis

Ingrown hairs are hairs that could not break through the skin and instead curl just under the surface of the skin. Sometimes the follicle can get infected and look like a red bump or pimple.

Winter usually plays havoc with skin and the dreaded ingrown hairs love it! Combine dry skin and wearing lots of tight clothes basically makes it really hard for hairs to pop through the skin. This is why dry body brushing is helpful to skin no matter what the season.

It sloughs off that dry skin and allows hairs to freely break through the skin. Skin care products are really important for preventing ingrown hairs. Use non-clogging moisturisers and body oils with anti-inflammatory properties, like Jojoba Oil and Yin Hydration Cream.

For extra stubborn ingrown hairs use the Bodecare Dry Exfoliating Powder mixed with Jojoba oil into a paste, massage into skin, wash off and apply the Yin Hydration Cream.

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