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Cellulite / Poor Circulation Face & Body Pack


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Our cellulite / poor circulation face & body pack is designed for those who suffer from impaired blood and lymph flow through parts of the body.  This can result in cold toes, numb feet, fluid retention, cellulite and skin that is slow to repair or heal (resulting in easy bruising and stretch marks).  These conditions can be greatly improved with dry skin brushing and using specific essential oils for circulation and detoxification, while nourishing the skin.  

Our cellulite / poor circulation face & body pack contains a choice of either a firm or medium bristle body brush option.  Our firm options are either our Deluxe FSC Dry Skin Brush (SB04) , our Tampico FSC Dry Skin Brush (SB02) with detachable handle or Curved Dry Body brush (SB03) with long handle.  Our Medium bristle options are our Detox FSC Dry Skin Brush (SB07) with short handle, Japanese Long Body Brush (SB01L) or Japanese Body Brush (SB01).

Also included:

Jute Dry Face Brush - to gently exfoliate the face - Value $29.95

Towelling Head Band - to hold hair back while face brushing - Value $16.95

Turkish Pumice with Bag - to gently exfoliate the bottom of feet to improve callouses and circulation - Value $9.00

Sisal Mitt Glove - to exfoliate and wash in shower - Value $15.95

Detox Massage Oil 100ml  - with essential oils to stimulate circulation & detoxification, and with a base of jojoba oil to nourish your skin - Value $29.95

Organic Tea Tree Hydrosol 100ml - antibacterial for brush hygiene - Value $21.95

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