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Complete Starter Pack


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This ultimate smooth skin pack includes products to achieve glowing skin like the fabulous Miranda Kerr. Start dry body brushing using the Deluxe FSC Body brush, which has not been sprayed with any chemicals valued at $43.00.

Start at your feet working up the body in upward sweeping strokes towards the major lymph nodes in the groin and armpits (instructions available, just email me!) Spritz the bristles with the Tea Tree spray to cleanse and disinfect the brush, this will reduce any signs of mildew, transferring germs onto your skin next time you brush and prolonging the life of your brush.

Achieve soft and radiant skin on your face with the Jute Dry Face Brush, exclusive to Bodecare. It is a soft plant bristle that will exfoliate your skin and leave it looking refreshed and smooth, it is worth $22.95.

Are you suffering from dull hair, flaking scalp, greasy scalp or even hair loss?  You need to start exfoliating and massaging your scalp just like you do with dry body brushing on the rest of your skin. If you forget to brush your hair every day, you probably have quite a lot of dead skin cells on your scalp, making your scalp look flaky, dry patches around your hairline and reducing new hair growth.

As we age, scalp cells tend to thicken, compromising hair follicles, leading to thinning. Stress and poor diet can cause tightness in the scalp, restricting blood flow and leaving your hair dull and lifeless. Use the body brush to brush through scalp or use your hairbrush to tap scalp and brush back'n'forth across scalp to loosen dead skin cells.

Clean and buff your nails with the Bean Nail brush, double-sided bristle, one side short and skinny to fit under the nail bed to remove dirt and the other side to buff of debris after filing.

Exfoliate Calluses on feet and hands with the Turkish pumice block and neatly tuck away hair with the Thick Towelling hair band with velcro fasten, great for securing hair from getting wet in the shower or while applying makeup, valued at $14.95.  By this time your skin will be looking smooth and luminous.

Included in the pack is:

•  Deluxe FSC Body Brush Forest Stewardship Council Certified(FSC), Non-toxic, value $43
•  Jute Dry Face Brush $22.95
•  Wide Paddle Hair Brush $36
•  Square FSC Nail Brush value $10.95
•  Tea Tree Spray 100ml (Australian Grown) value $20.95
•  Pumice Block value $7.00
•  Cotton Bodecare Brush Bag size 1 $2.00
•  Thick towelling headband value $14.95
Total Value $157.80 YOU SAVE $31.56 Price $126.25

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