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Eczema / Psoriasis Skin Pack


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Our eczema & psoriasis pack is designed for those with flakey, red, inflamed and sensitive skin.  

Dry face and body brushing creates a cleaner, stronger and more detoxified skin which is essential when caring for dry skin conditions. It increases blood flow, which can help flush areas that have flare-ups, helps lymphatic drainage to remove toxins, and gently buffs off that dry skin build up to assist in cell renewal.

Dry brushing preps clean, vibrant skin ready for natural skin care products to work more effectively and moisturise the skin. Avoid dry brushing areas that are infected or inflamed.

This pack includes:

Jute Dry Skin Brush - soft jute fibres exfoliate the skin gently and stimulate lymphatic flow - Value $37

Organic Oatmeal Cream 250ml - soothing, hydrating & healing for eczema & psoriasis - Value $34.95

Jojoba Oil 100ml  - to nourish your skin - Value $26.95

Organic Tea Tree Hydrosol 100ml - antibacterial for brush hygiene - Value $20.95

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