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Japanese Body Brush


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The Japanese Body Brush is a medium bristle suitable for beginners to dry brushing.

It is made with high quality Sisal fibre from the Agave plant, cut on a curve to hug the body as you brush. Dry body brushing is a traditional health practice for exfoliating dry skin, improving lymphatic drainage, stimulating circulation, reducing ingrown hairs and the appearance of cellulite.

Brush Care:
Spritz with the Bodecare Tea Tree spray after each use to eliminate bacteria from the bristles and once a week wash in warm soapy water and leave in a well ventilated area to dry, preferably the sun. Allow the brush bristles to dry completely before using again. Do not leave in a damp area, the bristles will mildew.

You may experience some bristle fall out when first using the brush, this is normal and will subside after the first wash. Overly rough usage of the brush may cause more fall out from bristle damage. (so be kind to your brush, they are natural plant bristles)


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Bristles: Sisal

Bristle Category: Medium

Length: approx 24 cm

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