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Jute Dry Body Brush


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This is a soft dry body brush used to gently exfoliate dead surface skin on your body, while still being stimulating enough to move lymphatic waste and increase circulation.

It is the perfect brush for those new to dry brushing and are sensitive to touch, e.g. children, mature skin types, people suffering from dry skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis.  The long fixed handle gives easy access to the back and shoulders.

The bristle is made of Jute plant fibre which is extremely good quality, it was made ethically and complies with the highest environmental and hygienic standards.

Brush Care: Spritz with the Bodecare Tea Tree spray after each use to eliminate bacteria from the bristles and once a week wash in hot soapy water and leave in a well ventilated area to dry, preferably the sun.  Allow the brush bristles to dry completely before using again.  Do not leave in a damp area, the bristles will mildew.


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Bristles: Jute
Bristle Category: Soft
Length: 36 cm

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Goeun Beak wrote:
15 Nov '16 7:38am

After only 5 days of using body brush. I feel the huge difference. I had trouble sleeping well because of insomnia, but it's gone. I can sleep well. Also good for skin, reduce ingrown hair and can exfoliate gently. Now it's winter in Korea but my skin is not dry at all.
Rebecca Gaspert
Rebecca Gaspert replied with:
16 Nov '16 7:40am
Thank you so much for such a glowing review! I am so happy it has helped you sleep better. ~ Rebecca