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Lymphatic Care Pack


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This care pack is designed for those with sluggish or congested lymphatic system, which can result in swollen lymph nodes, disruptions on the skin, constant sickness, slow healing, and cellulite.

Detox Salt baths to help remove the toxins from the skin, Hot and Cold showers to excite the circulation and also tones the skin, regular exercise every week, yoga, massage and deep breathing into your diaphragm are extremely helpful and a great stress relief.

This pack is specifically for those who already own a soft or medium bristle dry skin brush.  The pack is for brush hygiene and hand-picked items that help assist in improving lymphatic flow in the body and detoxification.

This pack includes:

Detox Bath Soak  - with Magnesium salts and essential oils to detox - Value $21.95

Jojoba Oil 200ml  - to nourish your skin - Value $39.95

Organic Tea Tree Hydrosol 100ml - antibacterial spray for brush hygiene - Value $20.95

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