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Lymphatic Face & Body Pack


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This face & body pack is designed for those with sluggish or congested lymphatic system, which can result in swollen lymph nodes, disruptions on the skin, constant sickness, slow healing, and cellulite.

The manual stimulation of dry body brushing across the skin helps excite and activate the lymphatic system, awakens acupressure points, helps reduce cellulite and metabolic waste, nourish and regenerate tissue and keep up a healthy immune system.

The key to dry brushing for lymph stimulation is to Avoid pressing HARD on the skin as lymph glands are very delicate, that is why we recommend a soft dry body brush like our Jute Dry Body Brush. Brush in light, rhythmic strokes in an upward direction across the skin to keep the lymph channels open, moving toward the major lymph nodes in the groin, armpits, and base of the neck.

Our Detox FSC Dry Body Brush, which is a medium strength, can also be used for Lymphatic drainage when used very softly, so you can alternate days between focusing on lymphatic drainage by brushing softly, or exfoliation and circulation by brushing normally.... the choice is yours.

Other ways to help the Lymphatic system is to have Detox Salt baths to help remove the toxins from the skin, Hot and Cold showers to excite the circulation and also tones the skin, regular exercise every week, yoga, massage and deep breathing into your diaphragm are extremely helpful and a great stress relief.

Our lymphatic pack contains a soft bristle brush option of our Jute Dry Body Brush (SB01J) or a medium strength bristle option of our Detox FSC Dry Skin Brush (SB07).

Also included:

Jute Dry Face Brush - to gently exfoliate the face - Value $22.95

Towelling Head Band - to hold hair back while face brushing - Value $14.95

Cino Nail Brush - to gently clean under nail and cuticles - Value $3.50

Detox Bath Soak  - with Magnesium salts and essential oils to detox - Value $21.95

Jojoba Oil 100ml  - to nourish your skin - Value $26.95

Organic Tea Tree Hydrosol 100ml - antibacterial spray for brush hygiene - Value $20.95

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Patti Wilmoth wrote:
22 Sep 4:43pm

Please tell me what kind of bristles are used in your dry skin brushes for face and body?
Rebecca Gaspert
Rebecca Gaspert replied with:
22 Sep 7:33pm
Hi Patti, All our brushes are made with plant bristle fibres. We use either Jute, Sisal or Tampico bristles depending on the strength of the brush. Jute is a soft fibre, Sisal is medium, and Tampico can be either medium or firm depending on the length of the bristle used. I hope this helps, thank you for taking the time to comment and ask the question. ~ Happy Brushing x