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Organic Egyptian Loofah


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Highest quality loofah, used wet, to lather your favourite shower products and assist in cleaning and exfoliating skin, helps lift impurities and leaves the skin with a healthy glow. Secure grip with elasticized strap and back with soft Egyptian cotton.

Bodecare only chooses loofah that is sustainably sourced and is the finest natural and organic raw material.

Rinse and allow to dry completely after each use.

Do not machine wash.

Can be soaked in warm water to soften prior to use if required.

Steralise your loofah in boiling water once a week to prevent bacteria growth.

Replace your loofah every 2-3 months, or when the loofah softens or disintegrates.

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Mary Trengrove wrote:
1 Nov '19 5:43pm

I really like this product. The strap keeps it in place securely on your hand (non-slip) which makes it extremely easy to use. I wonder if I am pressing too hard sometimes, but I really enjoy a pretty vigorous rub in the shower with this. I should probably be a bit gentler and slower in my use of it, but I do feel pure joy when using it (and divine afterwards), and for those reasons, it is hard to hold back on the firm pressure I use. I will have to make the effort to slow down and get more into a rhythm of using it. A combination of the daily dry skin brushing and the wet loofah shower massaging a few times a week (followed up by jojoba oil moisturizing), is just making me feel so vibrant…..I have read that dermatologists warn against using wet loofahs, but I like to make my own decisions based on my own experiences – which have been wonderful.
Rebecca Gaspert
Rebecca Gaspert replied with:
5 Nov '19 7:47pm
Thank you so much for leaving such a great review! I LOVE using loofahs too! You can also spray your loofah with the Tea Tree or Lavender Sprays to keep them bacteria free between washes. ~ Rebecca xx