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Organic Egyptian Loofah on Rope


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Our Organic Egyptian loofah on a rope is made with the highest quality natural loofah, selected for its outstanding quality and durability.

When massaged on the skin, it helps in exfoliating dead skin cells and stimulating blood circulation.  Can be used with shower gels or soaps to reveal healthy glowing skin.

Our rope has been made with 100% cotton, so when you loofah comes to the end of its life, it can safely be composted.


"Looks intimidating but surprisingly soft

For the longest time, I was never really a loofah fan because I've always had sensitive skin. It's the same reason I returned a face brush all those years ago so the thought of using a loofah never really appealed to me.

A few weeks after I scored this monster of a loofah at the 2019 Glosscar event, I wasn't in any rush to use it until I tried another one hanging in the shower. It was still pretty scratchy (even fully wet) but not too harsh for my skin. A couple of weeks later, I decided to finally try this one.

You guys?! I am absolutely loving this giant cheeto. When dry, it doesn't feel overly harsh like the other mitt but when wet, that's when the magic happens. It honestly feels like a handful of spongy goodness - like a really porous dish sponge and I'm the dish!

Oh, and another thing. It's especially handy at catching all the loose hair that's stuck to my back and arms when it's time to wash my hair. Also, it's so porous, it dries really quickly. I just hang it around the pump of my shower gel and it dries in no time.

~  Skincare Aussie"

Rinse and allow to dry completely after each use. 
Do not machine wash. 
Can be soaked in warm water to soften prior to use if required. 
Sterilise your loofah in boiling water once a week to prevent bacteria growth.

Replace your loofah every 2-3 months, or when the loofah softens or disintegrates.

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