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Organic Tea Tree Hydrosol ~ 50ml


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A simple way to take care of your brush is to spritz a Tea Tree Spray on the bristles after every use of your brush. Tea Tree is a powerful bactericide, killing a broad spectrum of bacteria and some stubborn fungi. For an extra clean brush wash the brush bristles once a week with hot soapy water, press into a towel to remove excess moisture and leave in a well ventilated area to dry.

If you do not clean your brush and allow your body brush to dry completely, you are more than likely spreading bacteria back on your skin when dry body brushing.

If plant bristles are left damp and are not drying it creates a breeding ground for bacteria. These photos clearly show how much dead skin is sloughed off the body, which is why your skin is left so smooth and hydrated.  First photo is a clean brush and the second photo is the Tampico Body Brush after one use.  That was my new brush.  I actually body brush every day so i was amazed to see so many dead skin cells in the brush after one use.

It is an essential health practice for those suffering from constant dry skin, mature skin that cracks & breaks, Eczema, Psoriasis and Keratosis Pilaris to keep their brush clean with the Tea Tree Spray.

Also available in 100ml or 250ml bottles.

Organic Tea Tree Hydrosol (Melaleuca Alternifolia) Sourced from Australian Tea Tree grown without the use of pesticides and harmful chemicals.

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