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Pumice Foot Stone


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The essential home pedicure tool, proportioned for easy grip and effective for smoothing calluses. If you have unsightly calluses and dead skin build up on your toes, heels and hands there is no better way to exfoliate them naturally than using a 100% pumice stone.

This is a beautiful hand-made by a Fair Trade company who support women and children globally.  It is a compact size to easily fit into the smallest of cosmetic bags,  to keep with your other manicure accessories.

Directions: Moisten feet with soapy water, until skin softens. Gently rub the callus with a pumice stone for two to three minutes. You'll soon notice the callus reduce in size.

Caution: Avoid open wounds.

Tip: Consistency is key when trying to remove calluses, keep up treatment daily.

What is Pumice?

Pumice is created when a volcano erupts and spews lava. The lava, which is very hot when it comes out of the volcano, rapidly cools when it is exposed to the cooler air outside. You can see where little pockets of air had been.

One of the main qualities of pumice is that it is abrasive. This abrasive quality makes it valuable in applications that require a scrubbing substance. Additionally, as pumice is a naturally-occurring substance, using pumice instead of more chemically-based cleaners can have environmental benefits as well.

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