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Towelling Hair Wrap


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Bodecare 100% cotton towelling hair wrap, made of the thickest terry weave. An essential spa accessory to dry hair quickly. Key uses for the hair wrap are: Use dry to protect your hair while having a shower.

Wrap wet hair in the hair wrap after washing your hair and the thick towelling will absorb excess moisture while your dress. Apply a hair mask to shampooed hair, soak towelling hair wrap in warm water, wring out excess water, and place hair wrap on. The heat from the towelling wrap will assist the hair follicle to open and absorb the mask.

"I am beyond excited for our Towelling Hair Wrap to have won a BEST IN BEAUTY Award for 2019!"  ~ Rebecca - Owner of Bodecare

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Mary Trengrove wrote:
26 Oct '19 6:05am

Brilliant product. Possibly the best thing invented since sliced bread! I find it a nuisance to walk around with a towel on my head that always flops off, or having to dry my hair immediately. With this head towel wrap, I can put it on and forget. I can make lunch, pack bags, do stretches, etc...and it stays firmly in place. Then by the time I take it off, my hair is nearly dry, and I can easily air dry it for the rest of the time. Wish I have discovered it 50 years ago.
Rebecca Gaspert
Rebecca Gaspert replied with:
26 Oct '19 11:14am
I am so glad you love your Hair Wrap Mary! Thank you so much for taking the time to write such a detailed review, I really appreciate it. Nothing is better than a genuine experience from a customer. You're the best! ~ Rebecca xx
Julie Hudek wrote:
2 Nov '16 6:49pm

My daughter has very thick course hair and the other night she used this wrap for the first time. After 45 minutes I said to her 'take that off and blow dry your hair before bed' she took the wrap off and said 'mum look my hair is completely dry' I was in shock. What an amazing product. No more blowing for 30 minutes or more. Thanks for such an amazing hair wrap that really works.
Rebecca Gaspert
Rebecca Gaspert replied with:
4 Nov '16 6:51pm
Thank you for writing such a great review! I love hearing experiences like this one, and I'm so glad that your daughter was able to avoid a little heat damage to her hair. ~ Rebecca xx