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Mary Trengrove wrote:
2 Nov '19 6:46am

This is the second body brush I have owned. I find it a lot easier to use that my previous brush. For a start, the head comes off and goes back on without too much effort, which is great for my weak wrists (my previous one was very stiff and hard to adjust). The handle is a good length for doing my back, and the strap on the head makes it easier to hold for the rest of the body. The bristles on this one are lovely and natural, with just the right amount of firmness. I have been using it every other day for the past fortnight. My skin feels smooth and soft. I also find dry skin brushing a great wake up in the mornings. I don’t ever drink coffee, so a dry skin brush, followed by shower hydrotherapy (alternate the water temperature between hot and cold), really wakes you up from sluggish to alert! I always used plant-based oils to moisturise after a shower, and cold pressed apricot kernel oil is wonderful finish to the routine. My skin feels very silky. I have better skin at 50 than I did at 20, which is a nice feeling especially when the media focus is always on youth. Yesterday I took it up a notch, by doing the dry skin brushing in the morning and Abhyanga (self-massage with warm oil) at night. I often do Abhyanga if feeling stressed and frazzled after work, and last night when doing it, I noticed that it flowed a lot smoother since I started the dry skin brushing. Going forwards, a combination of dry skin brushing and Abhyanga is going to be amazingly lovely way to relax and feel wonderful.
Rebecca Gaspert
Rebecca Gaspert replied with:
6 Nov '19 10:55am
Thank you for leaving such a wonderful review. I will definitely be looking up Abhyanga, sounds amazing! ~ Rebecca xx